The Dunedin Grand Prix

Nothing brings the neighborhood together like a police chase. First, we heard the roar of engines as cars blew past our house (at the stop sign) at high speed. Next, we heard the doppler shift of sirens careening past. This repeated two more times, making us wonder if our house had suddenly been magically transported to Hell’s Kitchen. The gawker gang was out in full force, sharing descriptions of the chase vehicle and the number of police vehicles sighted.

Of course, within about five minutes it begins to feel like a breaking news broadcast on CNN…

“For those of you just joining us, a man on a motorcycle has just raced down this residential street at high speed. Local police have been giving chase. let’s go now to our next door neighbors for the latest…”

“Yes John, we can confirm that it was a motorcycle and the police were giving chase. We can also confirm that it passed through the stop sign three times before disappearing for the last time.”

“Does anyone know who it was?”


“Does anyone know why the police were giving chase?”


“Does anyone know anything more at this time.”


“Does anyone know what the Saturday premiere on HBO is tonight?”