Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Something very strange has happened to me this morning. I had settled down into what had been a pretty typical rainy workday morning. I was peacefully plugging away at my desk, quietly jamming to the output of my too cool iPod, when suddenly, and inexplicably, I find my desk eerily barren. My pile of emergencies is gone. My low priority problem pile has similarly vanished. My shelf of garden variety incoming work is empty. There are no flaming emails in my inbox. Most of my coworkers are out of the office, so there are few questions to be answered.

So what the hell do I do now? Worse, this will end; and when it does, will it be three times as bad? Is someone, somewhere, saving up their work to be delivered en masse with vengeance upon my poor unsuspecting desk – now made unawares due to this unexpected lull in the action?