The Amateur Meteorologist’s Association of America

Water cooler talk around the Sunshine State has endured a shift of tidal proportions. Gone are the days when men could congregate in the workplace and fancy themselves better suited to make football decisions than the guy that’s paid millions to do the job. Instead, men and women alike are questioning the judgment of the folks over at the National Hurricane Center. “You know Jim; I have to agree with Regina. The NHC is full of shit; and you all know it. That center of high pressure is going to be stronger than they think, forcing Jeanne well to the left of the projected track. Just look what happened to Ivan and Charley. They couldn’t predict a fart in a Tex-Mex joint.”

I for one hold Jim Cantore (and his ilk) personally responsible.

Anyone wishing to join our office “Jeanne Landfall Pool” can contact Howard, at (728) 555-5149.

Author’s note: all names and phone numbers in this entry were made up. Well, except for Jim Cantore, The NHC, and Jeanne – they’re all real; although I may have misspelled Jim’s name.

The preceding is a caricature of my co-worker’s opinions, and does not necessarily reflect the position of the author. The author wishes to state that he holds the good folks at the NHC in the highest regard. Further, I do not mean to make light of those affected by the storms, which have done so many so much harm.