The following entry contains no artificial sweeteners

I began to conceive this entry while sitting in an awkward position. You see, I’m not really good at being the center of attention – and I found myself the guest of honor of a most unlikely celebration for the male of the species: a baby shower.

It had been a surreal day to begin with. I was suffering from sleep deprivation due to a late night, acute release of emotion. Yes, I’m talking about the Red Sox again. I was still trying to assimilate the fact that we live in a world where the Red Sox won the World Series. Further, I was a little self-conscious due to my combined display of team pride and employee disobedience (I was wearing a Sox cap, which is verboten in the dress code). And finally, I was still not fully recovered from three weeks of leave taking, following the birth of the child which led to this whole thing to begin with.

Now that I’ve drawn you a full relief map of the setting, what exactly is the point of all this? It was at this moment of self-imagined hazing, at the commencement of the shower, that I felt really lucky. As I opened the first gifts meant for my precious new son, I knew both the affection for coworkers (and friends), and the joy of having a new child. When you can simultaneously enjoy some time with friends and indulge your love of your children, you have the recipe for a special time. Yes, it can even trump a little social phobia.

What we have here is a chronic case of gratitude. Now I just need perfect the application of said gratitude.