Recipe for a haircut

Having a wife with a longer memory, greater follow-through, and a stronger will, puts a husband at a severe disadvantage.

Consider the issue of outward appearance. My philosophy on hair care can best be described as Laissez-faire. This approach just happens to be in direct conflict to Cheryl’s approach. Then there’s the issue of pride. I have very little and Cheryl has a more generous portion. So when it comes time for a haircut, Cheryl’s word tends to be the law. Well, for the last seven years or so, this hasn’t been a big problem. We had a hair “guy,” and she would just give me a monthly call at work and say, “you’ve got an appointment after work today. I’ll see you afterwards.” Mostly, this worked for both of us. Now our “guy” is retired. No replacement for our “guy” has been negotiated. Now Cheryl’s comfort zone has been corralled. Now we’re thrust back into the dark ages; a time of grueling hair care negotiations.

“John, I think you need a haircut.”

A week passes.

“John, you better get your haircut.”

A week passes.

“John, I don’t want you to go out like that any longer.”

A day passes.

“John, it’s today or tomorrow.”

A few hours pass.

“I’ll see you after your haircut this evening.”

A few pleading replies pass.

“It’s either you go after work or I wake you up early tomorrow morning.”

Now that’s playing dirty.