Returning to the fray

Two weeks is enough. I think my self imposed mourning period is about over. I don’t want to shock the system, so I’m taking it slow. On Tuesday I watched a documentary on the Middle East. On Wednesday I read the paper. This morning I listened to NPR. Tomorrow I’ll try to put the pieces of my routine together, reading the paper, listening to NPR AND checking up on the world news on the internet.

I’ve been trying to tell myself that things haven’t changed much in two weeks, other than the tone and substance of TV advertising.

Like everything else in life, you take the good with the bad.

And hey, look at the bright side. Maybe by 2008 there will be a whole new constitutional landscape and we can elect the Terminator! In typical inept fashion, I could foresee the Democratic Party trying to out-do the Republicans at their own game by nominating Lou Ferrigno, pandering to the fringe of the party by proposing an amendment granting equal rights to all members of the Sub-phylum Vertebrata (Phylum Chordata, Kingdom Animalia), and by holding voter registration drives at wildlife preserves all across the nation.