Cross platform incompatibility strikes a blow for the evil empire

There was really only one reason why I bought an iPod, to listen to music. That’s what I keep telling myself now; but there was a time when I had bigger plans. Rationalization is an extremely important part of my life. Being every bit the lowly hourly wage earner, I needed every reason I could conjure for dropping three big ones on a souped up Walkman. I thought I had a doozie in portable mass storage; or more importantly: cross platform, plug ‘n play, re-writable, portable mass storage.

On the eve of my monumental purchase I pleaded with my cost conscious bride. “But I can use it every day to bring my files back and forth to work. It will be so cool.”

Post purchase, I can say iPodding is indeed cool (like you needed me to tell you that). My Mac flavored iPod can do many things, as advertised. But alas, my Mac flavored iPod apparently does not do Windows. You can format the iPod’s hard drive to be recognized by Windows or the Mac OS – but not both (at the same time). Since I work in a Windows world, and because my Vader like Dell box at work is Window’s champion in the long ago decided “platform wars,” I am one glum chum.