Do you know someone who has a disgusting coffee mug? Don’t we all know someone who refuses to take their mug home to wash it? Are there offices at work you are afraid to enter, for fear that you will be sucked into the dark coffee ring of oblivion? Well I think it’s high time the coffee makers of America step up and take some responsibility. They got us into this mess with their deceptively addictive product. They could take a lesson from the Dutch and institute a mug trade in program. The unwashed, coffee drinking masses of America could trade in their dirty, disease ridden mugs for cleaner, sterilized mugs.

Think of the benefits to the rest of us. Coffee drinkers would reap the benefits of better overall hygiene. Employers would benefit from healthier, more productive employees. Employees would be less afraid to “borrow” office supplies from their coworker’s desks, no longer afraid that they may become contaminated. This sharing of resources would, in turn, simultaneously increase productivity by decreasing operating costs, and stimulate the economy through the increased sale of personal security devices (desk locks, etc).

A mug trade in program.
The right choice for coffee drinkers.
The right choice for America.