Who, me?

I’ll say this for my wife: there’s nothing wrong with her reading comprehension and retention. The occasion for this revelation was my mea culpa on a spending incident. I bought a book, on nutrition no less. Yes, the king of the candy bar, the sultan of snack machines, now owns a book on nutrition. Who woulda thunk it?

As it turns out, my mistake was not buying the book on nutrition, but in the follow-up criticism of my wife’s shopping habits. “I thought I would give you some ideas for the grocery store, so you would stop coming home with all of this crap.” Little did this author realize, his wife had been reading these entries.

Is anyone familiar with the verb “smite,” as in “Cheryl was tempted to smite John; as he so richly deserved.”? Do your high school English teacher proud; look it up, use it in a sentence today.

“Smite,” it’s not just for the Bible anymore.