Abandoned by good sense

Me and good sense haven’t been on speaking terms since the whole diet thing started; and it’s too bad to, because I really could have used her advice last night. It was six o’clock and I was preparing for a hair appointment that I was about to be late for. I was rooting through the pantry looking for something both quick and nutritional to snack on in the car. It’s too bad for me that “quick” and “nutritional” don’t often hang out together. The long and short of it is, I narrowed my choices to a Pop Tart toaster pastry (unheated) and a half-cup of pistachios.

That’s right, I picked the pistachios.

There are two things you should not do when you’re tired and hungry: drive, and pick a drive time snack. Now picture the scene on the road last night in my manual transmission Civic, with a cup of shells between my legs, a bag of nuts in the center console, and a nut-eating fiend hurriedly popping pistachios at every red light.

Well folks, that’s as good as it gets.

And Cheryl was worried about me riding my bike to work,