It’s only a game

I’ve soured on the NBA, there’s more turnover in college basketball than your average IHOP, the NHL is imploding, baseball is still baseball, and football is out of the news until April; so that leaves the Xbox for my sports fix. Yep, I scored me a used copy of Madden 2004. Woo-hoo! Now, I can relive the Buc’s glory days all summer long (Madden 2004 was released following the Buc’s championship season). For me, the most interesting part has been reassembling the Buc’s roster in my image. No, I haven’t made wholesale changes, but if EA Sports sees it as a straight up trade (based on their player rankings by position) and it involves a player on the Bucs roster that isn’t there anymore anyway, I see it as fair game. And why shouldn’t I? No one is playing but me.

Keenan McCardell for Ike Hilliard is fair trade, right? How about Brad Johnson for Tom Brady?