The drop of tea that broke John’s will to work

We’ve all been there, right? You know, one of those days where we set ourselves up for a spectacular failure.

It all started with my bottle of freshly mixed, instant ice tea. First, I picked up the bottle, applying a sudden force. Due to the nature of the force applied to the bottle, it rose from my desk in a relatively rapid manner. The bottle, in turn, applied a similar force to the liquid inside, my freshly mixed instant ice tea. Long before the earth’s gravity applied sufficient force to stop the bottle’s upward motion, I applied a second force to the bottle. Due to the nature of this second force, the bottle changed velocity suddenly, this time moving down back towards my desk. Unfortunately, the bottle was not able to apply sufficient force on the liquid to stop it’s upward motion. This, of course, was due to the cap sitting atop the bottle in an insecure manner. Just as Newton would predict, the liquid continued to travel in the same upward manner, until gravity acted upon it sometime later.

In case I haven’t made myself clear, I went to shake up my tea – and ended up the only thing that was shook.

It is true what they say about things that go up, most of the time they do come down. What happens when “it” comes down depends on what “it” is, and where “it” comes down. For all of you out there with a neatness obsession (my wife included); the upside of being disorganized at work is that there is a lot of absorptive materials lying around to soak up stray tea.

HAA! Take that.