A long time coming

Which of the following items do not belong:
1. Lap top computer. 2. Wireless network. 3. All indoor posts to the web site.

If you picked number three, you’re a winner! (Unless, of course, you’re a Yankee’s fan… then you’re still a loser. Sorry.)

Well kids, we’re here to fix you up. I’ve got a covered front porch, a bench, and a folding table (courtesy of Cheryl’s car), and they’ve all got your name on it. Well, with a little masking tape, a sharpie, and a suitable fee for the naming rights, they could, you know, have your name on them. You’ll notice I said nothing of the PowerBook. Ain’t no tape goin’ on my baby!

There’s electricity in the air, and I’m sure it’s from all of the excitement out there, surely it has nothing to do with those grey, threatening clouds out here.

You know, when you get right down to it, the well of creativity is just as shallow outdoors. So much for the magic of spring.