Any club that would have me as a member,

In what may be a first for Kauffman kind, I am concerned about something working exactly as it should. I approached my desktop representative from the twin evil empires (Dell and Microsoft) with my accustomed trepidation. Yet for all my caution, I entered a seemingly random string of characters for my login password. I think I’ve discussed the rhythm method of typing before, haven’t I? Well this morning I haphazardly placed my fingers in the keyboard and fired away in a decidedly decaffeinated manner. I might as well have hung my keyboard on the wall, closed my eyes, and thrown darts at it. The one part of the performance that felt right was the “enter” key at the end. Yet despite my muddled mind I somehow managed to login successfully.

Could this be the kind of day where things just fall into place, despite my efforts? Aren’t those the best?