Speaking of lessons learned,

Here’s some learnin’ free of charge. Baby + Suntan Lotion + Water = another battle lost to gravity.

Now before you panic, no one was hurt in this story.

I was sitting in the shade at Beth’s 2005 birthday party (version 2) watching my wife and youngest child at the pool from afar. Cheryl was conversing with a friend when she surprised everyone (including herself, but most of all the baby) with a disappearing baby trick. Fortunately, babies float; so it was a relatively simple matter to make the baby re-appear. In short order, everyone was just fine (no word yet on the condition of Cheryl’s ego though). Twenty minutes later Cheryl and the baby walked back to the shade for some refreshments, but by that time I had forgotten to ask her about it. I still haven’t. It’s more fun to bring it up this way anyway.

Boy, you think you’ve seen a surprised baby before, you should see them after they’ve been dunked in water.