Typing in the rain

Well no, not really. I like my computer too much.

Still in Jax. It’s getting late. I’ve spent half a day working – or so I’d like to think. Half a day driving, one eighth asking questions and three answering, if that constitutes a day’s work. Now it’s night and the sky is intermittently dark. Now thunder drowns the small sound of the movie playing on my computer. Now I’m looking out that window, the one you’re not here to see. Now the lightning stops and I can see myself in that window. Now instead of looking out I’m looking in. Now I am on the fourteenth floor, a place for people who know what they’re doing.

So what about that job, the one that I do well enough? It did lead to a trip like this, so someone must think so. But after a day where I had little to say, what, should it be any different now?