What we have here is a failure to translate

As it turns out “pathos” is not a Greek word for disease. I had a delightfully witty opening for this entry, all built on a faulty assumption. Drat!

Any-hoo, this entry must go on.

The scarcity of entries this past week can be blamed on my irrational preoccupation with a project for the office, and a week long training session that I’d tell you about, but I’m worried it might cause another flashback. “Do you or someone you love suffer from the effects Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?”

What do you call someone who works for little, does it because he likes it, doesn’t complain, does extra work at home, and wouldn’t be allowed to use (at the office) the stuff he creates at home IF he asked permission? Most people call me John, but my friends call me John.