A stick of butter in sheep’s clothing

Cheryl came home from the grocery store this week with some sweets. She always comes home with sweets, but this time she came home with sweets she claimed were healthier than her standard fare. One of these healthier snacks was a miniature, transparent silo of popcorn. There’s been a lot of talk about how unhealthy movie theater popcorn can be, but only because of the crap they put in it. I trust my wife more than the movie industry.

The other night I was conjuring up quite a hankering for some sweetened popcorn, thinking of that miniature silo of confectioner’s finest. I popped the top and got the drop on some sweetened pop. The moment it crossed my lips my fate was sealed. It was time for some serious binge eating, even if the packaging did say, “contains real butter.”

Doesn’t sound all that healthy now, does it?