There is no way for me to describe what I thought of this movie without kind of giving it away. So, if you have any intentions of watching it… move along.

Scene: a thirty-something couple finishes watching a movie on cable. The wife gets up as the credits roll… the husband, unmoving, stays behind. The husband seems to be in a daze. He finds himself in an emotional wasteland. This is me. This is my story.

This movie is not The Dead Poets Society. It is not promoting carpe diem, rather, the opposite. It’s a movie about responsibility. While that may make it sound boring, it’s not. All of the main characters are cute, lovable, mostly believable, and conflicted. It’s the kind of movie that I give five stars, but I never want to watch it again. It’s just too painful.

It’s an hour and a half later (after the movie ended), and I’m still thinking about it. I’m still upset about the fortunes of three fictional characters.

What a great movie.