Today, of all days

Today was not a good day at the office. I’m already afflicted with a tendency to see a suffering child with every piece of paper I touch, or every client I see; but today felt like one of those days when the brain chemistry was out of whack – trending blue. I have touched one too many cases with vivid descriptions of tragedy.

I could deal with it if yesterday had been any better. I was catching up on the news when I came across a story about a study. It suggested a stronger link to genetics than previously suspected for my daughter’s (suspected, still officially undiagnosed) troubles.

I gotta tell you, that didn’t help much.

This has been another one of those weeks when it’s hard to find any comfort in the handful of things I can control, unable to ignore the wide range of things I can’t. You may have felt the same way from time to time. Well, this one-time aspiring counselor knows many of the right things to say to someone like me, at a time like this, but I’m a lousy listener.