When the little things are enough.

Today was not a great day.

My temperature has had more significant digits than I would like all day, and I’ve felt miserable. When my discomfort has allowed, I’ve slept. When it hasn’t, I’ve sat around in a daze. Poor Cheryl.

While dazing, I’ve watched two movies on my computer (while Beth was watching Free Willy for the 129th and 130th time since Christmas), and two more on the boob tube. About a half hour ago I finished watching my second movie on TV (the HBO premere of Cast Away), and I was T.Veed out. I thought to myself, what the heck, I’ll plug my laptop into my USB hub and see if anything works. Sadly, this kind of thing serves as entertainment around here even if I’m not sick. Anyway,I unplugged my iMac from the hub and connected the hub to my iBook. I grasped my spiffy mouse (the one that has a light instead of a ball underneath), and I moved it around my desk (the mouse, not the hub or my iBook). Sure enough, the cursor on my iBook moved with the mouse. Furthermore, all of the buttons (including the scroll wheel) actually worked as well. This mouse needed a special driver from Microsoft for all of the buttons to work with my iMac, but not so with the iBook running OSX! Whew, O.K. catch your breath. I know that was a lot of excitement, but there’s more. I turned on my new printer and I gave it a whirl. Wiz bang, it printed! I must admit that this wasn’t entirely a surprise, my computer automatically looks for software updates from Apple once a week, and one of the things it downloaded recently was a driver for my printer – but I didn’t have to do anything but let it do its thing.

O.K., I’ll admit that this is not the stuff of epic poems. No one will be casting Mel Gibson to star in the three hour movie. But this is kind of the point. It was kind of a rotten day, and all it took was a silly mouse and printer to work like they should to make my day.

Funny how things work, isn’t it?