Frustration, mommy and daddy style.

Tonight we reached another milestone.
We’ve crossed one more bridge for the first time.
We can look back, but we can’t go back.
We can only hope not to cross it again,
or at least not very often.

When her tower of legos unexpectedly tumbled, and consumed with the fire of extreme frustration, Beth exclaimed, “OH SHIT!!!”

She said it with emphasis.
She said it with gusto.
She said it with passion.
She said it with no shame.
She saved it for me.

It’s hard to be angry. I’ve said to Cheryl on several occasions that it’s tough not to swear in such situations. Nothing comes close to the necessary level of catharsis that a good dose of profanity provides. And yet. . .

I am going to have to be more careful.

And while it is nothing to be proud of, I must admit a dirty little secret. I laughed while typing this message. . .out of range (measured in time and distance) to an impressionable set of little ears.