A coworker’s party.

The life of a married couple, as experienced by me and my bride, is not one fraught with the kind of excitement you might read about in the news. We find pleasure in the company of each other and others. Well, maybe not as many “others” as we would like, but that’s o.k. The highlight of our social calendar is usually the occasional coworker party or get together. One such even transpired this weekend, and it was nice. This week, it was Cheryl’s turn to introduce me to her new coworkers. It turns out that one of her coworkers lives right down the street, so we probably didn’t even need to drive (we did anyway – it’s summer in Florida for crying out loud!). A half dozen or so of her coworkers and their spouses got together for a nice lunch. Avoiding the pitfall of many such events, topics of conversation tended to avoid work specific items, so it was easy to feel included. I probably didn’t take advantage as I should have, but that’s just me. It’s nice to put a face and a personality behind the names I’ve heard about.