Another day at the office.

Naturally, some of the more interesting discussions we have in the office have nothing to do with work. This week was no exception. We were discussing teachers involved in scandals and I recalled a teacher from my past that recently committed suicide due to an unflattering allegation. I recalled that this person was a very good teacher, pointing out the interesting year end project that our class was involved with. Then, I commented that many people I’ve talked to have said, “you know, it doesn’t surprise me….” My coworker was incensed. My coworker wondered aloud where all of these people were when he was “the good teacher?” We hear an allegation, the accused reacts, and we all assume the worst. Granted, it doesn’t look good, but who really knows? The accused and the accuser know, but who else? I don’t. They don’t. Maybe we should all be a little less quick to judge. Strike that, there is no maybe…we all should be a little less quick to judge.