Bookshelves: buying vs building?

We concluded last week with a stop at a furniture store, to browse through all of the furniture we couldn’t afford. We began this week with a furniture purchase. This week’s aguish is brought to you by Barewood Outlet. Why pay less for a finished bookshelf when you could pay more for the hassle of finishing the bookshelf yourself? This was the question we asked ourselves this week, and we failed the test. To be fair on ourselves, the bookshelf we bought at Barewood was bigger than the one we saw for less at Haverty’s, so we weren’t comparing oranges and oranges. What we got was another kind of citrus – think tart. Throw in a case of Polyurethane fume overdose, a family room that still smells four days later, and a clothes dryer that now converts clean smelling, damp clothes into burnt polyurethane finish smelling dry clothes and you’ve got yourself one hell of a weekend. Hell Cheryl, for an encore let’s go set fire to the kitchen table! No, the real encore will be the do-it-yourself Pergo installation next weekend. Look ma, I’m holding my breath.