Helping those who want to see the light

We had an unexpected visitor on Friday, a little boy who lives down the street. Beth was just tickled to have someone over to play at her house again. Later, when the boy’s father came over to pick him up, he was bathed in the glow of our tech savy. Sitting in the corner was our old bondi blue iMac and our new iBook. “Youv’e got to talk to my wife”, the boy’s father exclaimed. Later that week, the boy’s mother (who works with Cheryl), began a conversation with the words, “after spending time with YOUR HUSBAND….” I knew instantly what was comming next. The boy’s newly emboldened father gave his family the gift of tech enlightenment, a trip to the Apple store. They didn’t walk out with a new computer, but I feel some sense of accomplishment. The war is not over, but a small battle has been won.