Looking up.

Christy is flying up. My birthday is coming up. Everyone else’s birthday is coming up. Our trip to New England is coming up. Beth continues to grow up. What’s there not to like? If we could just plan that trip to New Orleans that we’ve been meaning to take for the last three years we’d really be cooking.
What keeps you from traveling? For us, there are a number of factors. There’s money, cash, moola, dough, currency, legal tender, savings, credit, and funds; all of which are insufficient (as in: insufficient funds, etc…). Beyond the big issues there’s work, school, and a general sense of malaise. There just seems to be one thing after another. Cheryl’s sick, I’m sick, my allergies are bothersome, then Cheryl’s are. One surprise, Beth has been the picture of good health. There was a time, not so long ago, that Beth went through colds like I go through socks. Not anymore my friend! (I know that’s not a complete sentence, just give me a break. I know this it takes two to have this conversation and I’m one short, but give me the benefit of the doubt.) There is one person in particular that will not find this amusing, assuming that someone else will.