It is almost time to cast my first ballot of the year, and I’m a little conflicted. I don’t know as much about the candidates as I would like, and the candidates are not offering much to differentiate themselves. The only reason I can come up with to vote for one over another is that one is more electable in the general election. If you know where I live you probably know what I’m talking about. So my question is this: is this enough reason to vote for someone? Suppose I thought my beliefs were slightly more in tune with the person with less a chance of winning (they are not, but stay with me), would electability be a good reason to vote for the other person? Say I vote for the less ejectable person, knowing they could not win the general election; would my vote be wasted? What purpose would my vote serve my slim margin of preference if the person I really did not want in office won as a result of my primary election choice? I’ll figure it out in a week I guess.