Shades of green.

Did I mention last week that we were painting? Well, we are. Did I mention what we are painting? We are painting our living room, dining area and hallway. Did you hear what color we are using? We’re painting the living room a light shade of green, the hallway a darker shade of green, and the dining area blue. Well, Cheryl THINKS we are painting the dining area blue. I’m not to sure about the whole blue dining area concept. When I tell people what color we are using the reaction seems to be universally unenthusiastic. “Oh.” “Green? . . . huh.” “Hmmm.” “. . .” (the blank stare)

What is it about green that seems to bring out such apathy from so many? Does anyone really like green? How many people do you talk that admit their favorite color is green? Now that we’ve finished the living room, the green is starting to grow on me. Now that we’ve started the hallway I know that the darker green will not. Even though we haven’t started the dining room, I still feel strongly about no blue.