Beth went up for the children’s sermon in church on Sunday and gave the whole congregation a heaping helping of BETH. The church member giving the children’s sermon asked a young boy to volunteer to be John. She (the ranking adult) told him that he was going to be “the light.” Then she asked another group of kids to walk up next to the altar and imagine that they were in a dark bedroom. She asked them how they felt in the dark. “Scared”, one of them replied. This was the expected answer. Then she asked them, “where can we find some light?” One of them pointed at “John.” This was the expected answer. “John” then produced a make-believe, paper lantern which was placed in “the bedroom”. “How do you feel now?”, the ranking adult asked. “Better”, they replied. Again, this was the expected answer. This happened twice more, with very similar, expected replies. Then it was Beth’s turn. The adult brought Beth’s group up next to the altar and told them to imagine they were in dark closet. “Where do you think we can find some light?” the adult asked. Beth pointed to the candle on the altar and announced, somewhat incredulously, “it’s right there!” This was not the expected answer.

After the adult was finished with her sermon, as is customary, she asked all of the kids to come forward for their candy (presumably a reward for comming up and sitting quietly). Beth took notice that everyone had been called up by name except her friend Cory. Alarmed, Beth asked the adult if she knew Cory’s name. Caught red handed, the adult was forced to fess up. “No”, she replied. Once again feeling somewhat indignant, Beth loudly advised her that this was Cory, that his mommy was here too, and his mommy’s name was Miss Susanne. We were all glad that Beth was there to clear this up. Everyone in church had a good laugh, even the poor adult giving the children’s sermon.

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