Wallowing in nostalgia.

Say you and some of your friends are hiking through the Hillsborough River Watershed region. Now imagine that you are in the rear and you hear something behind you. You look back and see the largest wild pig you have ever seen. Of course you have never seen a wild pig, so that may not be saying much. Picture yourself turning around and announcing to your hiking partners, in as calm a voice as you can muster, “guys, there is a large wild pig right behind us.” Knowing that your partners come from the same sheltered, suburban, urban sprawl upbringing that you had, what do you suppose their reaction would be? Well, I had the opportunity to find out. Our fearless leader calmly instructed us not to run, but the pig must not have heard him. One of two things happened; either we ran faster, or the pig wasn’t all that interested in us. After we returned to the camp site much sooner than anticipated, my wife announced that she had to go to the bathroom. Eerily, my friend and I were on exactly the same page. “Still?”, we replied.

Give the gift of words.