One day.

10 p.m.: my normal bed time.
11:30 p.m.: I go to bed.
Midnight: I go to sleep.
5:45 a.m.: I reluctantly wake up.
5:50: I reluctantly get out of bed.
6:50: Cheryl and Beth leave the house.
7:50: I leave the house.
7:51: car doesn’t start.
7:52: I return to the house.
7:53: I leave the house with my bike.
8:05: I arrive at Beth’s school five minutes late and awfully tired.
9:00: I return home.
9:10: car still won’t start.
9:15: Share news with Cheryl.
9:16: share news with AAA.
10:16: car still won’t start.
10:45: car starts.
10:46: tow truck arrives.
11:00: drop car off at Marvin’s Auto Service.
11:30: mom drops me off at work.
12:30 p.m.: ready to go home.
4:30: Cheryl calls to say she is ready to go home.
4:40: depart from office parking lot with Cheryl.
5:00: depart with $700.
10:00 my normal bed time.
10:15 decide to write this entry, deja vu sensor kicks in.