Reader beware.

One thing you won’t find waning in me is self pity. Without going into the boring details, let me just sum it up like this: you don’t have to be physically isolated from other human beings to be alone. We live in a time when the word “liberal” is used like a four letter word. So how do you suppose someone who tends to share those political views fits in here, a decidedly conservative area? A fair chunk of my idle time at home is spent reading political commentary. It is just what interests me. When I talk to people I find it more interesting when the topics involve things that interest me. Do you see where this is going? Well, you don’t need a map to see it. There I am talking politics and there everyone goes running for cover. I am a political island in the middle of a conservative ocean. Is there anybody out there?

I know this seems a bit much, but it does get better. There is a light around the corner.

I suffered through this day feeling more alone than I have felt in some time. It struck me as ironic that it was spent with a lot of people around. When the day wound down it was just me and my bride, sitting in the family room watching a corny movie. I no longer felt alone. It is too easy to take that kind of companionship for granted. I had all day. Not only do I have someone that I love dearly, but also someone that I can share my passions, my interests and my beliefs. The movie ended and we packed it in for the evening, but I find myself in better spirits – with a kindred spirit. I truly am a luck man.