Man transportation?

Does anything say “man on board” quite like “four wheel drive”? How about “large four wheel drive”? And how about that Ford Expedition, the largest consumer vehicle this side of a Hummer? What self respecting, red blooded american drives around in something that gets more that twelve miles to the gallon? Did you ever think to yourself, “that guy might as well be driving around in a great big, gas-guzzling, metal phallus?”

By now you should have pictured in your mind the epitome of tough guy transportation; a great big Ford Expedition SUV. “Get out of my way or I will crush you!” (Fans of Saturday Night Live, circa late 1980’s, know that the words “crush you” must be spoken with an Austrian accent.) Now picture this rolling testament to manly swagger… in hot, metallic pink? Yes, just such a vehicle crossed my path this evening. What confused individual ordered up that one? Did someone spike Mary Kay’s drink with growth hormone?

Were you begining to wonder when I would stop asking questions?