What drives you?

I was watching a new show on television the other night. The main character of the show was explaining to his audience that he often thinks of his life as a movie. It struck a cord with me. I often think of my life as a story, a boring story; but a story none the less. I am not necessarily interested in earning a lot of money. I don’t think I yearn for attention. I don’t seek thrills. All the same, I want my life to be interesting. When all is said and done I hope someone could at least say, “Hum, that was something.” I think the reason I have been so happy since college is because I have an audience for my life. I enjoy sharing my life with Cheryl because she seems to enjoy being with me. That might seem to be a given for a married couple, but I don’t think it is. I hear one story after another about married couples that suffer through each other’s company. Some divorce, some stick it out, but they all share a festering contempt for the person they live with. My life with Cheryl is not the sequel to Pretty Woman. It is my own story and I like it.