It was father’s day, and our meal at the Olive Garden was wrapping up. The refill I ordered ten minutes ago was delivered to the table. Suddenly, I wasn’t thirsty. Feeling fidgety, and seeing two glasses set before me – one glass full and another empty, I let my fingers do their own thing. I took both straws in one hand and placed them in the full glass. I put my finger firmly over the top of the straws and lifted a small volume of soda out of the glass. After a moments hesitation, I placed the straws over the empty glass and let go. This small volume of soda had now been transferred from one glass to the other. Ten minutes passed before someone said, “why are you trying to transfer the contents of one glass to the other with a couple of drinking straws? You know it would be faster if you just poured it?”

What had been idle fidgeting turned into a quest. Another ten minutes passed and the waitress appeared with our bill. I looked at the glasses and saw that victory was mine. No one would admit that they had seen such a feat before. They probably never met someone willing to claim it before.

One glass was empty and another full, but not the same ones.

No, I didn’t take any extra medication in the morning.