Here’s the thing.

Any schmuck can part his lips and blow wind across his vocal cords. The real trick is to string together sounds that someone wants to hear, otherwise it’s just so much noise. But wait, is it really important to always say what someone wants hear? Is there some value in pointing out the things that someone doesn’t want to see? Well, the answer to this question, like many of the great questions in life, is: it depends. Don’t you just love how life defies the desire for “black and white”? So maybe the trick is to pick your moments, go with “pleasant” most of the time, and feel your way through it. You find the right moment and let it fly. But then when is the right moment? For the sake of argument, let’s say you find the right moment, and we’ll go for broke and assume that you have the perfect way to phrase your thoughts, how do you know your advise is good? How do you know that you are right? How do you know you have the answer? Just who the hell are you anyway?

O.K., maybe I’m being a little hard on myself. I just want to help someone, but I don’t know how – much less if I can. Is it so wrong to try? Well it’s too late folks, that ship has sailed and my finger prints are all over it. Now we’ll just have to see if it returns in one piece.

Doesn’t ambiguity suck?

The real kicker is that I’ve lived through this kind of experience in this space before (in just as vague a manner). Just like today, that experience was not one for the hall of fame. Now I’m doing it again and I don’t even have the good sense to keep it to myself. Is there no hope? Will I stop asking questions?

It’s late. I’m feeling better. Thanks for listening, even if you aren’t.