A vast, green grass conspiracy.

The elements are conspiring to turn my yard into a rain forest. In case you didn’t already know, we’ve been getting a lot of rain. That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem; in fact, rain is generally considered to be a good thing for green growing things. What we have here is a problem in the timing.

I go to work.
I call decide to mow the lawn.
I go home.
The rain begins to fall.

Last weekend was relatively dry, but my sister was moving. A window of opportunity opened Monday, but I was too tired to move. Then the evening showers came back. I know there was a really good reason not to mow the grass two weeks ago, I just can’t remember what that reason was. I know there was an even better reason not to mow the grass three weeks ago, but you know the drill by now.

They say that we’ve already surpassed the average rainfall total for 08/and it’s only the twenty-first. Couple that with a three week layoff for the lawnmower, and you can just imagine what my yard must look like. Better Homes and Gardens wasn’t breaking down our door before the layoff, but this is bad even by our own meager standards. The other day Beth ran around the side of the house upon our return from school. She was eager to play on her swings. She returned moments later with a frightened look on her face. Yes, it is that bad.

I can hear the rain falling again. Am I crazy, or can I hear the grass growing? On second thought, don’t answer that.