Have money, will spend.

I am faced with a serious dilemma. I was given some cold, hard cash for my birthday. As dilemmas go, this one doesn’t sound too bad so far. It’s not getting money that is so bad, but deciding what to do with it. I am torn between prudent, responsible choices and … well … not so prudent or responsible choices. On the one hand we have necessary items. Clothing, debt relief, covering upcoming fixed hobby costs; these are all good, solid choices. But getting fired up about depositing a check into your loan account is about as exciting as seeing a box you are sure is a really neat toy on Christmas morning, only to find that it is a multi-pack of multi-colored Fruit of the Looms. Visions of iPods, DVD box sets and various software titles dance enticingly through my thoughts. Worries about loan balances and cash flow plague my conscience.

For now I think I’ll let the money accumulate interest.