Yea, I walk down a path filled with wonder.

In short order, Cheryl’s anger will be ripe for an outburst. You see, I’ve found a new toy and it has taken up much of my time this evening. I am famous in the annals of the Florida Department of Revenue for my one tracked mindedness. I am infamous in the annals of the Kauffman household (version 2.0) for this same trait. “And there was a great gnashing of teeth as mother Kauffman waited for father Kauffman to grant the computer leave of his attention.”

What could possibly warrant such devotion from this mild mannered author? The answer is nigh…
a software giveaway by Apple… an application named “iBlog”. The genius of this application is it’s seemingly easy to master interface, lying on top of a damn near impossible to configure program. It pulls you in with beauty and wonder, then the witch steps from around the corner and lops off a digit. If you are a regular reader (yes, I’m speaking to both of you), then you’ve noticed the change in scenery by now. Yes, it is due to iBlog.

I have been fiddling with this thing for the better part of a really long time. I have imported all of my entries from 2003. Sometime I’ll get around to importing the rest of them, not that anyone will miss them.

Give the gift of words.