Going for broke.

Our family has suffered another automotive casualty. This time it’s old faithful. On Friday, the check engine light came on. On Saturday, we had it checked out. Later Saturday, we found out it had a multitude of serious problems. Even later on Saturday, we decided to replace it. Even LATER on Saturday, we had a tentative deal to buy a two door Civic coupe. On Sunday, we got a call from the dealership, letting us know they found the car we wanted (a bottom of the line model in blue, with a manual transmission of course). On Monday, the car will be available for pick up. Later Monday, we will sign away some money. On Tuesday, cash will be less plentiful (depending, of course, on your perspective).

The Civic is dead. Long live the Civic.

CIVIC, Honda.
Born April 30, 1994. Died November 8/2003.
The Civic suffered from excessive oil loss, sensor failure, climate control breakdown, and brake loss. After a long struggle with warm air, the car succumbed to it’s multitude of injuries late on Saturday morning. The Civic is survived by a 2003 Honda CRV.