Separation anxiety.

Money. The answer to people’s prayers. The root of great despair. Who, over the age of 12, hasn’t worried about money once and a while? The Kauffman household (v. 2.0) is capping an unprecedented outflow year with another major purchase. With the recent passing of The Civic, we find ourselves one car short in a two car household. Later today we will be filling that void with The Coupe. For those of you keeping score; first there was The Honda, followed by The Civic, and now The Coupe. All Hondas. All Civics. All the time! This latest addition will be Blue with a tan interior. It will be a two door vehicle stripped down to the basics. “Wait a minute. Since when did air conditioning and a CD player become basics?” Well, while I’m talking to myself I might as well answer. First of all, this is Florida. Second, what’s a measly CD player between personalities? (Talking to myself, things between friends, multiple personalities, self depreciating humor, the futility of explaining a joke…)

One thing is comforting. Almost ten years ago I bought The Civic with no money down. Today I’m buying The Coupe, with no money down, and the payments will be the same. Boy did I get a crap deal ten years ago.

Yes, I know the last sentence sounds like a question. This “question” is masquerading as a statement. Since it has a “statement” look and feel, the question mark has been omitted.