Short time.

New car delivery, state holiday, lab work, and a meeting; it is Wednesday and very little work has gotten done. The 7 to 8 a.m. hour on a Monday morning has (at times) been more productive than this entire week (so far). Have you ever had a string like that? In a matter of minutes I’ll be whisked away by my supervisor – off to another meeting. Most meetings aren’t too bad. It’s interesting to be in the room with the decision makers. I may not have much sway, but it’s cool just being there. I get to pretend that I’m more important than I really am.

“Where are you off to John?”
“I’ve got that meeting on the LSP transition this afternoon.”

Now all I need is a non-sensical title and I’ll be on the fast track to institutional insignificance.

My name is John. I am a Revenue Specialist III.