A funny kind of angry.

We have a weekday evening routine. Beth comes home from school. One of us (me or Cheryl) gets out Beth’s allergy prescription and her vitamin and gives it to her. Beth holds her nose, closes her eyes, swallows her Zyrtec (for allergies), convulses once or twice, opens her eyes, grabs her vitamin, and runs into the other room to watch TV.

On Tuesday Cheryl and I took advantage of the state holiday and made a trip to Target. Yes, a trip to Target is just that special. We picked out some new sheets for the bed in our family room. What, you don’t have a bed in your family room? We returned home and washed the new sheets. Later that day, when Beth was home, I made up the bed with the new sheets. As I was pulling the mattress of the bed to position the new skirt, I noticed several uneaten vitamins between the mattress and box spring. Here’s the first thing that comes to my mind: Beth was either raised by squirrels, or she doesn’t like her vitamins.

We have since modified the after school ritual.