How are you feeling?

Well, it’s kind of hard to describe. Have you ever taken a blow to the head? Do you know that dizzy, spaced out feeling you get just before you start to feel the pain? Yeah, I don’t know either, I just made all of that stuff up. I’m not real big on taking head shots.

Do you know what it feels like when you start to get a bit of post nasal drip down the back of your throat? You know, when you feel a little head cold coming on, and you have that distinctive, “I’m getting a cold” taste in your mouth? Soon your voice starts to downshift to Barry White. Before you know it, you’re sitting up at night to avoid some serious nasal congestion. JUST DRAIN BABY, DRAIN!

So what is the “chemical age”? You weren’t here to ask the question, so I’ll ask it for you. Every time has an “age”. Stone, bronze, et al. – you get the picture. So why the chemical age? Hell, I don’t know. It sounded good when I first wrote it. Now…? Not so much.

It’s time for another “Wal-Act”. And don’t you just love those incredibly clever knock off names for the knock off drugs. From the makers of “Wal-fed” and “Wal-dryl”, it’s “Wal-Act”. I’m just hoping the “Wal-Act” will knock me out. If I don’t stop typing soon, you’ll wish the same thing. So what did they do before “Wal-Act”. They paid twice as much for Actifed, that’s what. No, what I meant was, what did people do before they could rely on the active ingredient in “Wal-Act” to wash and dry their sinuses? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want to have lived then, that’s for sure. Welcome to brothers and sisters to the chemical age!

It’s safe to say those precious active ingredients are kicking in, so I’ll kick off my shoes and…