One man can make a difference.

The Bucs made a big mistake. No, I’m not talking about the KJ affair. No, I’m not referring to the decision to play it safe in the last three minutes against the Colts. And no, I’m not talking about any of the decisions regarding special teams this year (although maybe I should). Instead, I’m talking about a guy named McKay. You know, the guy that now works for Atlanta?

There are several reasons why the Bucs have been a pretty consistent performer on the field for the last six or seven years. They have had some good players, they have had some good coaches, and they have made good personnel decisions. They’ve kept payroll under control, and they’ve avoided some of the “sign-em now, pay for it later” salary cap disasters that have beset other teams. Now who do you suppose has been there making these decisions? I’ll give you a hint: his name is not Jon (although he did have a father named John). Now there’s talk that the current coach might like to have the GM he had with his former team; that they would make a good team again. Now ask yourself, which team in the league is currently most likely to implode from salary cap disaster? Look no further than coach’s former team.

Now try and tell me that McKay leaving for a division rival is a good thing.