It isn’t easy living with me.

There are several people who can attest to this fact. In my days on this pebble in the sky I’ve done many things to prove my point. I’ve broken bones, walls and doors – and that’s not even counting the things I’ve done to myself. I’ve embarrassed others and myself with bad hairstyles and ridiculous clothes. I’ve walked the valleys of depression and soared where no sane man should go. I’ve thrown tantrums over mole hills and sat emotionless in the face of mountains. I’ve given my all at work and let the laundry pile up. I constantly pick my nails and forget to pick up my dry cleaning.

So why bring all of this up? Felling a bit of self pity are we?

No, not really.

I was just sitting on my couch after watching a movie with my bride, and I thought that I was lucky to have someone who loves me in spite of me. Aren’t we all?