Take my breath away.

Here’s a neat little trick I learned this evening while emptying the waste basket in our spare bathroom. First, find yourself a sharp corner. A counter top corner with a squared off edge is ideal. Second, and this is the tricky part, line up the sharp corner with the space between any two ribs on the side of your torso. For the best results, pick two ribs close to your arm pit. Finally, with your arm extended, back away from the corner several inches then lean back in quickly and firmly. If you have chosen two ribs close to your arm pit, make sure your arm is extended sufficiently to gain the maximum impact. You will know you have done it correctly if the pain takes your breath away for about ten to twenty seconds. Achieving this feat by accident is really something special, much like happening upon the rare “green flash” at sunset. The secret is arranging objects which must be frequently accessed “in the zone of opportunity”. If you have a toilet near a counter, you may want to consider placing a waste basket in between the two, as close to the back wall as possible. When emptying, be sure to place your feet directly in front of the cabinet, toes pointed towards the toilet. This arrangement will tend to line up the sweet spot nicely… when you reach across the top of the counter to get at the basket.

Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.