Tricks of the trade

1. Introduce yourself.
“Hi, I’m with ADT Security Systems.”

2. Make the customer want to help you – make yourself out to be the victim. “My boss thinks there are not enough of our signs on your street, so he wanted me to come out in the cold to speak to you today about a free installation.”

3. Use Peer pressure.
“I was just coming from your neighbor’s house and I wanted to see if you would be interested in the same sense of security that they will be enjoying. You are eligible for a free installation; your only obligation is to post one of our signs in your front yard.”

4. Remember… you are there to do THEM a favor. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.
“I’m sorry, you’re saying you’re not interested in a free security system? O.K., o.k., I’m going. Have a nice day.”

Things you, as the potential customer, imagine yourself saying in response:
1. “Hi, I’m the guy you’re not going to sell anything to today.”

2. “What, it’s just sixty five degrees. If you’re that cold, try long sleeves you twit.”

3. “Funny, I don’t see a sign in their yard.”

4. “I’m sorry, did you say free? Does that mean you are going to waive the monthly monitoring fee as well?”