What costs more than a stick of gum and less than five boxes of laminate tile?

Post plumbing woe life in the Kauffman household (version 2.2) continues. The fan is still blowing on a wall. What, don’t you have a fan blowing on your walls? A single sample of tile is resting in a large space where there used to be wet carpet. Four boxes of laminate, self adhesive tile are waiting patiently in our family room.

I have garnered just about as much respect from my previous exploits as I deserve.

“John, where are you going?”
“I thought I would stop at Home Depot to look at tile.”
“I just assumed you would drive home. I’m really hungry. I figured you would be ready to look at tile in a month or so.”
“Am I really that bad?”
“Did you ever quite finish everything you wanted to with the Pergo?”
“Point well taken.”